Your mind needs varied stimulus to stay sharp and flexible. Is the weather outside gorgeous, but you still want to be boosting your scores? Here are ten things you can do outside to help stay sharp before the SAT!


1. Play Some Frisbee

Grab a friend and go to a park to throw a frisbee around! It’s very social without needing something to talk about, and it’s pure, mindless fun. This can also work with a soccer ball or any other fun informal sport. It’s a great way to top up on social contact while stretching your muscles and getting out of your own head. Just make sure to put on sunscreen and wear weather-appropriate clothes!


2. Hiking

Go on a hike! Be in the moment, and climb around somewhere nice. Take in the fresh air and nature around you. You can either invite a friend along and have a couple of deep conversations, or simply go alone and take in the solitude. The exercise and oxygen-rich air will help you return to your studies with more serenity and mental energy than before!


3. Outdoor Yoga

Rigorous SAT studying can be rough on your neck, shoulders, and back. Grab a yoga mat and enjoy some the outdoors! Check if your city has any outdoor yoga classes, or just grab your own mat, download some videos, and take your yoga practice outside! Either way, you’ll come back with a looser back, less stress, and a clearer mind.


4. Gardening

If you’re not up for exercise or yoga, but still want to practice mindfulness and find peace, try gardening. Starting a small garden is as easy as finding a sunny spot, getting a pot, and finding an easy starter plant. Tending them regularly often brings about a sense of peace and accomplishment.  Herbs tend to be a good place to start, and are very tasty. If you’re around Austin, Texas, try planting some basil or mint. They take to the climate extremely well, and often only need water to thrive. Gardening is something you’ll check on once every couple of days, and helps keep your sense of time stay grounded.


5. Jogging

Put on some running shoes, start up a playlist, and set out on an adventure. Cardio is one of the best weapons against stress and anxiety, and it teaches your body to use its resources more efficiently. You can also load up some fun podcasts while you jog, or simply take in the noises of the city around you. Either way, a good jog will help settle your mind and body.


6. Reading

Take your book outside! Grab a picnic blanket or a hammock and break out that book you’ve been meaning to finish. The fresh air will be a welcome change of pace, and reading for fun will directly help your reading comprehension and speed! Pick a book that you can relax into and lose yourself while sneaking in some SAT-boosting reading hours without your body realizing.


7. Swimming

Swimming, especially during the warmer months, is wonderfully cooling and refreshing. It can also give you a chance to reconnect and socialize if you’ve been holed up for a while studying. Whether you’re playing with friends, swimming solo laps, or just floating loosely in the water, the new environment and exercise will help keep you sharp


8. Nature Walks

A nature walk is like hiking, but less wild. Often, you can even go on a nature walk in your own neighborhood! As you walk around, look at gardens or trees, and try to identify as many plants and animals as you can. You’ll end up more connected with the world around you, and work in some memory recall practice.



That’s it! We hope you have some excellent ideas for your SAT outdoor activities. If you want more SAT and ACT prep advice sure to join our mailing list for a free 27-item checklist and 30-day free SAT email course.

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