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What Is ACT Test Prep All About?

The ACT test is a crucial test for high school students and teenagers. Good ACT test scores are critical to college acceptances and scholarship wins.

ACT test prep consists of private tutoring and group classes. These are designed to improve students’ scores on the ACT. Good ACT prep also includes ACT practice testing, score analysis, and advising outside of lessons.

Parents can also benefit from ACT test prep by learning more about strategies to help raise scores for their kids in high school.

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Who Needs ACT Test Prep in Austin?

ACT prep is intended for high schoolers between 10th and 12th grade. 9th graders (Freshman) can also participate and get an early start for higher scores.

Most colleges and scholarships require good ACT or SAT test scores. So, all high schoolers who are preparing to apply to colleges will benefit from higher ACT test scores.

Essentially, better ACT test scores mean better chances to be accepted by colleges and scholarships.

In most cases, 6th-8th graders do not need to start ACT prep at such a young age, although there can be benefits for certain students. Please contact us to learn more.

So, you may need ACT prep, but why is it so important? Read on…

Why is ACT Test Prep Important To You?

ACT test prep is important because of how competitive college and scholarship applications are. Coursework and GPA aren’t enough on their own. Nor are extracurriculars and leadership positions.

Although grades, sports, and leadership are important for college applications, so are your test scores on the ACT and SAT. These test scores usually count for about 25% of your college applications.

High school students in Austin are competing with other students from the entire country. Colleges use your ACT scores to compare you to students from other high schools.

So, ACT scores are an important part of your college applications, but also an opportunity to stand out and improve your chances. By raising your test scores through ACT prep, you also increase your college odds.

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Learn The Basics of the ACT Test:

The ACT test has five main section that high schoolers will be tested on:

  • ACT English
  • ACT Math
  • ACT Reading
  • ACT Science
  • ACT Writing

Here is a quick breakdown of each of the five sections:

  • ACT English tests grammar and editing skills.
  • ACT Math focuses on pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.
  • ACT Reading challenges students in reading speed, comprehension, and analytical abilities.
  • ACT Science is based around quick and accurate interpretation of data, charts, and graphs.
  • ACT Writing is an optional essay-writing section in a timed setting.

The ACT is a comprehensive test that takes almost 4 hours. It challenges high schoolers to display academic skill across a wide variety of topics.

This article provides more information on understanding ACT test scores.

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Should You Take the ACT, the SAT, or Both Tests?

Parents and high schoolers often ask us if they should take the ACT test or the SAT test (or both). The answer is… it depends.

These two tests are used for identical purposes (college and scholarship applications). They have a lot in common. The testing topics are similar (reading, math, grammar, and essay-writing).

However, the style of the tests are different. The SAT is generally more difficult in Math and Reading, but provides more time per question. The ACT test feels somewhat easier, but provides less time per question.

Both the SAT and ACT test are very challenging and competitive. There is no “easy test” - you will need to study and prepare to perform your best on either exam.

Most students should focus at least 80% of their test prep on just one test, because ACT and SAT prep are time-consuming. Still, it can be useful to try both tests to see if you prefer one or the other.

So, if you’ve decided to take the ACT, the next question is when to take the test…

When Are the ACT Test Dates in Austin?

So, what are the ACT test dates that you will have to prepare for?

The ACT is usually given 7 times per year. There are no ACT tests given in summer.

Read this article for complete details on ACT test dates in Austin, TX and around the country!

Also, learn how to register for your next official ACT test here.

Now that you’ve set an ACT test date, who can help you study in Austin?

Who Teaches ACT Test Prep in Austin?

At Love the SAT Test Prep, we specialize in ACT and SAT test prep for high schoolers.

We have specialized in ACT and SAT prep since 2011. Our ACT prep is completely customized to fit you, and we can answer any question you have about ACT testing or college readiness.

Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you prepare for higher ACT scores and better college acceptances. You can also call or text us at 1-800-653-8994.

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How Can ACT Classes in Austin Help?

One good option for ACT test prep is to take a small-group ACT prep class.

Group classes are a bit less personal than private 1-on-1 ACT tutoring. But, ACT prep classes are a great option as an introduction to the ACT test. Classes are perfect for beginner and intermediate students.

At Love the SAT Test Prep, we limit ACT prep classes to just 8 students per instructor - about half the size of most competitors’ ACT classes!

All our ACT classes are taught by an expert tutor. Each ACT class includes books and practice testing. You can also add private tutoring at a great rate with our Hybrid Courses.

You can view our ACT class schedule and join a class here.

Looking for an even-more personalized experience? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…

What About 1-on-1 ACT Tutoring in Austin?

Private ACT tutoring is a great choice for ACT prep in Austin.

1-on-1 ACT prep tutoring is the ultimate in personalized attention for a higher ACT score. Study 1-on-1 with a top-scoring ACT tutor to conquer weak spots, test anxiety, and target your biggest areas for personal improvement.

At Love the SAT Test Prep, we match students with an expert ACT tutor who can identify weak spots, teach important concepts, and encourage students through the difficult parts of ACT prep.

Lessons are 90 minutes long and are taught 6 days a week at our office in Austin.

Contact us today to learn more about our 1-on-1 ACT prep tutoring in Austin and how it can help you.

There’s more to a great ACT score than classes and tutoring… keep reading to learn!

How to Take ACT Practice Tests in Austin:

ACT practice testing is an important part of achieving better test scores. Practice makes perfect, after all.

Love the SAT provides ACT practice testing in Austin as part of each class or tutoring package. We know that practice tests are a crucial step towards better ACT scores and college acceptances.

To feel truly prepared for the ACT test, students may want to take 3 practice ACT tests, or more. This not only helps with test scores, but also testing anxiety. Many perfect-scoring tutors have taken over 10 practice tests before achieving top scores!

ACT practice tests are also useful as a diagnostic tool to measure your progress, strengths, and weaknesses.

After you take a practice ACT, we can use your results to focus on your weak spots in private tutoring sessions.

What if you don’t want to drive to our office? We have another great service for you! Keep reading…

Or, Avoid Austin Traffic with Online ACT Prep Tutoring:

For those families who want to avoid Austin traffic, we also offer Online ACT Prep Tutoring!

You can skip the commute and get the same personalized 1-on-1 ACT tutoring (and higher scores) by studying with a private tutor through online video lessons.

We use Skype to deliver a 1-on-1, face-to-face tutoring session that’s just like being in the room with your private tutor.

The time you save can be used for homework, major school projects, other activities, or just relaxing!

Contact us today to learn more about our Online ACT prep tutoring in Austin.

So, you’ve decided to improve your ACT scores with us through classes, in-person, or online tutoring. When can you start your lessons? Read on…

When is ACT Test Prep in Austin Offered?

At Love the SAT Test Prep, we teach ACT test prep in Austin year-round.

Private ACT tutoring is offered 6 days a week (every day except Friday). We offer a variety of lesson times after school and on weekdays. Click here to view our upcoming ACT prep tutoring availabilities.

We also give ACT classes year-round. Click here to view our upcoming ACT group class schedule or contact us any time you have questions. You can also call or text us at 1-800-653-8994.

We provide ACT practice testing every Saturday. ACT practice tests are included free in each class or tutoring package we offer.

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About Love the SAT Test Prep in Austin:

Love the SAT Test Prep is a local company, founded in 2011 by a perfect-scoring SAT and ACT tutor.

Our goal and speciality is providing expert, affordable ACT and SAT prep in Austin, TX. We want to see Austin high school students get higher test scores and get into their favorite colleges.

We have grown on the word-of-mouth and recommendations of the students and families we have studied with. When students’ scores go up, they tell their friends.

We hope you’ll be the next family to study ACT prep with us! Click here to contact us, or call or text us at 1-800-653-8994.

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