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Best Books on Time Management for Teens

Are you looking for the best books on time management for teens? Books that can help a high schooler become more productive and focused, with less stress?

Good. That’s exactly what’s coming up in this article.

We’ll cover 4 of the best books on time management for teens and give you a preview of each book so that you can decide which ones will help you the most.

Here we go!

Get Time-Management Books Just For Teens and Parents

In a previous article, we learned about 5 classic time management books. Those books were full of relevant tips no matter what age you are.

In this article we’re going to change it up and reveal 4 books focused on time management for teens and high schoolers!

These are time-management books that parents or teens can read (or better yet, both!). Then discuss them as a family!

Let’s start with a quick list…

Quick List: Best Books on Time Management for Teens

These books are all available on Amazon. I’ve included easy links to each of them, so you can order them today from home.

Here are the four best books on time management for teens, in no particular order:

Want to know more about each book? Keep reading…

Time Management For Distractable Teens

First up we have “The Organized Student: Teaching Children the Skills for Success in School and Beyond” by Donna Goldberg.

This book has many uses. It’s written towards parents of middle school and high school kids. But, it can easily be read by teens on their own.

It’s especially good for teens who are really disorganized and inconsistent with turning in assignments… or teens who have a bit of A.D.D. or A.D.H.D.

(This describes exactly the kid I was in high school!)

With an average 4.5 star review on Amazon and 79 customer reviews, it’s one of the most popular books on the subject.

But, what if you’re more disorganized than distractable? The next book is for you…

Time Management For Disorganized Teens

Next we have “Smart but Scattered Teens: The ‘Executive Skills’ Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential,” by Richard Guare and Peg Dawson.

This is the #1-selling book on Amazon in two categories of Adolescent Psychology. That means it’s very popular for helping disorganized teens with common struggles.

It’s all about helping disorganized teens reach their potential.

This book is a excellent read for students AND parents. It was written compassionately, with the cool goal of improving the lives of families and bringing them closer together. Deep down that’s something we all want.

You can also download additional free forms and worksheets. They come with this book to make it even more effective.

But, what about a time-management book for teens who are more mature? Coming up next…

Time Management For Mature Teens

Next, we’ve got “50 Tips to Help Students Succeed: Develop Your Time-Management and Executive Skills for Life” by Marydee Sklar.

This book on time management for teens is mainly focused towards parents. And, it’s got a lot of popularity within its niche.

I also wanted to include it for mature teens who could benefit from some additional counseling on time management.

Read this book for tips to overcome the assignments and chores that MUST be done anyway This is excellent preparation for life and the working world.

When you get out on your own after college, your success depends on your ability to set your own goals. To decide on your own how you will reach them… and then to go after them.

This book teaches teens to get over procrastination… to stop resisting work that obviously must be done - even we aren’t looking forward to it.

Finally, is there some time-management book that every teen can use? Definitely! Read on…

Time Management For Every Teen

The fourth book is intended for every teen and high school student. I know, because I wrote it!

It’s called: “Ultimate Time Management for Teens and Students: Become Massively More Productive in High School.”

This book begins with the timeless rules of time management and self-discovery.

Then we walk step-by-step through the key demands of high school and college, from sports and leadership to note-taking and homework tricks.

You may already be familiar with some of the ideas and concepts from reading our articles on time management.

By the end of the book you’ll be much more confident and organized. You’ll have clearer goals, better calendars, and more personal power.

The book also includes comprehension quizzes to make sure you’re paying attention!

I wrote this book for you, so I hope you order your copy today.

How are these four books going to help you? Keep reading to learn…

Learn From The Best - Become More Productive In School

So, that’s my short list of four top high-school time management books.

But, to state the obvious, reading another book isn’t going to solve your time management problems. Not all on its own, at least.

What you need most of all is to follow the three timeless rules of time management. Make sure you’re constantly working towards life goals that matter to you.

BUT - the more you learn and absorb from the experts… the more wisdom you get from others who have been down this road, the better-prepared you become.

Getting new author’s perspectives and insights is always a good thing for personal development.

Remember to take notes on these books as you read. Written notes will increase your memory and save you time!

It’s easy to get these books from home! Here’s how…

Order These Time-Management Books From Amazon

All of these books are easily available on

They are excellent supplements to our articles on time management for teens, and great preparation for college.

Take a look through the links and see which titles you like. You can order them at same time as the classic time management books from our previous article!

This is also a great time to add in some journals and calendars to the shopping cart.

Take a moment to pause, head to Amazon, and books, calendars, and journals!

One final question for you - keep reading!

Share Your Book Recommendations!

SO, do YOU have any other book recommendations?

I’d love to know them . Pease take a second to share them in the comments section below!

Honestly, I’m down for ANY book recommendations… even if it’s not about time management.

So, if you have a great book for high schoolers, leave the book title and author name in the comments.

I’ll see you in the next article!

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