SAT & ACT Grammar Mastery eBook: ACT English & SAT Writing Rules

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Get higher SAT Writing & Language or ACT English scores with the ultimate SAT & ACT grammar textbook (delivered as an instant PDF eBook download). Paperback copies are available on Amazon here.


Get higher SAT & ACT test scores - guaranteed!

A revolutionary new grammar textbook for higher SAT & ACT scores, delivered instantly in PDF eBook format. Master the seventeen rules of the “ACT English” & “SAT Writing and Language” sections in record time. Experience increased confidence, speed, and accuracy on the SAT & ACT Grammar tests.

Get instant results and immediate score improvements when you’re in a hurry during crunch time before your next SAT or ACT test date - or, take the long-term approach and master every grammar skill in-depth for perfect scores.

Created to make your busy life easier. Written in an easy, approachable style by a top-rated, veteran SAT & ACT prep tutor, this is the only test prep textbook in the world that teaches you to dominate both the ACT & SAT Grammar sections at the same time.


  • 17 Lessons + 3 Prelessons break the entire ACT & SAT grammar tests down into easy, manageable topics to master before test day.
  • Pretest diagnostic to quickly identify your grammar weak spots right at the start so you know what to work on first.
  • Over 320 realistic SAT & ACT practice questions for astonishing score breakthroughs and massive confidence-building before your next test.
  • Detailed custom explanations for every question so you can understand the right answers perfectly and quickly learn from any mistakes.
  • Comprehensive final Posttest that reviews all 17 grammar rules and identifies areas for further improvements.
  • Improve your English grammar and writing skills for SAT & ACT testing, high school classes, college assignments, and beyond!

Written by Christian Heath, the founder and lead instructor of Love the SAT Test Prep. Published January 2019.

Table of Contents

The complete SAT & ACT Grammar Mastery textbook is included in this eBook purchase and will be delivered instantly as a downloadable PDF document. Paperback copies are available on Amazon here.

SAT & ACT Grammar Mastery: ACT English & SAT Writing Rules (290 pages)

  • How to Use this Book
  • Timers & Official Study Guides
  • Introduction
  • A Personal Note
  • Prelesson A: What are Parts of Speech?
  • The 8 Parts of Speech: A Crucial List
  • Prelesson B: Eliminating Details
  • Preless C: Rearranging Word Order
  • Pretest
  • Lesson 1: Subject-Verb Agreement (Singular-Plural)
  • Lesson 2: Verb Tense & Form
  • Lesson 3: Adjectives & Adverbs
  • Lesson 4: Pronoun-Antecedent Clarity
  • Lesson 5: Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement (Singular-Plural)
  • Lesson 6: Pronoun Case
  • Lesson 7: Conjunctions & Transitions
  • Lesson 8: Punctuation Marks
  • Lesson 9: Sentence Structure
  • Lesson 10: Parallelism & Comparisons
  • Lesson 11: Misplaced Modifiers
  • Lesson 12: Vocab Word Choice
  • Lesson 13: Redundancy & Wordiness
  • Lesson 14: Objective Questions
  • Lesson 15: Adding or Removing Information
  • Lesson 16: Moving Sentences & Paragraphs
  • Lesson 17: Idioms & Prepositions
  • Conclusion
  • Posttest
  • What to Do Next


2 reviews for SAT & ACT Grammar Mastery eBook: ACT English & SAT Writing Rules

  1. JZB

    The SAT/ACT grammar mastery is a good book, we use it as a home school supplement.

  2. anonymous

    This book offers everything a struggling ACT, PSAT, or SAT student needs to have to study grammar and punctuation for these exams.

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