When I was in seventh grade, one of my teachers gave me an informational packet on the Duke Talent Identification program. I brought it home to my parents, and we looked over it, and not long afterward, I took the SAT! As a seventh-grader! Parents and students should be aware of this program, as it has many benefits. This article will explain what the Duke TIP is, who qualifies to participate in it, and why you should participate in it if you’re given the chance!

What is the Duke TIP?

The Duke Talent Identification program, or TIP, is designed to identify extraordinarily gifted students. It allows these students to register to take the SAT or ACT as 7th-graders! When the test is over and scores have arrived, the Duke TIP offers students help interpreting these scores and provides them insight into possible avenues for intellectual and educational development. Duke offers tons of resources to help gifted students make the most of their future, such as The Talent Search Experience and The Digest of Gifted Research. Students who do well on the SAT or ACT as 7th-graders may qualify for special Duke programs during the summer or eStudies courses.

Who Qualifies for the Duke TIP?

To qualify for the Duke TIP, you need to either a) have scored a 125 or above on an IQ test within the last two years, or B) score at or above the 95th percentile on a standardized test, such as the tests states administer to their students. It doesn’t matter if you go to a public, private, charter, or parochial school, or if you’re home-schooled. You can still qualify!

When is Enrollment for the Duke TIP?

Enrollment for the Duke TIP typically begins in August of the seventh-grade year and information about the program comes intermittently throughout the seventh-grade year, culminating in the SAT or ACT! If your student is a gifted sixth-grader, be prepared to contact his or her high-school counselor about the Duke TIP when school begins!

Why Should You Do the Duke TIP?

Well, for one thing, it gives you a chance to practice the SAT or ACT, and trust me, it’s never too early, particularly if you’re a gifted student looking to achieve that coveted and elusive perfect score.

Participating in the Duke TIP also gives you a chance to meet, befriend, and compare yourself to other gifted students. You’ll learn you’re not alone, and you’ll probably learn you’re not the smartest person in the room anymore, which is humbling and inspires you to keep learning and growing.

The Duke TIP can help you identify your academic strengths and weaknesses and give you insight on what to focus on moving forward with your junior high and high school career.

Once you’ve done the Duke TIP program, you may be eligible to enroll in programs such as eStudies courses, Summer Studies programs, Scholar Weekends, and Field Studies. These are just some of the opportunities that arise from having participated in the Duke Talent Identification Program.

And last, but certainly not least, you should participate in the Duke TIP for recognition. The Duke TIP  Recognition Ceremonies are designed to honor the highest SAT and ACT scorers from the Duke Talent Identificaiton Program. Having participated in the Duke TIP can also give you an edge as far as college admissions are concerned. You’ll feel GREAT knowing that you are rare, special, and GIFTED!

* * *

That’s it! For more SAT and ACT prep tips, check out the rest of our blog. Looking for 1-on-1 ACT or SAT prep tutoring to help you with the Duke TIP or the college application process? Want to join an SAT or ACT group class? Contact us today!  We’re perfect-scoring tutors with years of experience helping students achieve the SAT and ACT scores they need to make their dreams a reality!


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