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We’ve covered so many topics about time management for high schoolers. Do you feel like you need a review of it all?

Great - so do we!

This is a summary section of time management topics for high schoolers and teenagers

Every good course should contain a summary section, so that’s what this article is all about.

I hope you’ve been taking great notes along the way, but here are some highlights of what we’ve covered.

Read on…

The Top Priorities of Good Time Management

We dove into a section on eternal principles of good time management. We covered 3 timeless rules of time management - do you remember what they are?

We devoted time to identifying our top priorities, or at least working towards them.

We covered some of my theories about the rhythms of life – how to organize the cycles of life to provide momentum - from the hourly to the yearly levels.

That’s not all we covered! Keep reading…

Techniques of Better Time Management

I’ve strongly recommended the use of daily journals, planners, and physical calendars to help your time management skills.

These help you gain insight and control over your schedule and energy. Nothing beats the insights of a handwritten, visual calendar that you have made for yourself.

You’ve learned to manage your health, exercise, and sleep - because nothing wastes more time than being sick in bed.

To stay during all this hard work, I included some 10 great quotes on time management. This is something every human being has to work on. So, it’s interesting to see how other successful people have handled their time management.

We also selected five top books on time management for you to read to learn more!

If you’re a teen or parent, there’s more…

Tips on Time Management for High Schoolers

After hitting the timeless principles of time management, we focused on time management for high schoolers.

With an eye towards your high school classes, we covered how to take notes. How to make and use better flashcards.

How get to know your teachers personally, and a list of other tricks to save time on your homework assignments in high school.

You want to plan each high school semester around predictable, important events - like finals and projects, SAT and ACT tests and college and scholarship apps and essays.

There are also family vacations, college tours, sports and activities, and other major events to plan around.

But it’s not just the big picture that matters to good time management. Little things matter too… keep reading!

The Little Things Matter To Time Management

That’s a big goal, but even the little things matter - like creating a cozy, clean and organized study space - especially because technology fights for your attention and time, now more than ever.

Control over distracting technology is going to rapidly separate strong and weak students in the future… because some students will MULTIPLY their time with technology, while other students will WASTE time.

We also covered social aspects of time management, like finding time for your friends amidst all the pre-college pressures - as well as harmful aspects of peer pressure that can waste your time and cost you big down the road. How to use your weekends in high school.

And, we touched on the idea of study groups in high school - do they help more than they hurt?

We also asked: how can parents help teens manage time in high school?

Rounding things out was a guide to college-level time management and some of the challenges that you will face in college.

Sound like a lot to take in? I’ve got good news…

Follow My Advice Or Make Your Own Path

When it comes to the SPECIFICS, you can follow my advice, or you can carve your own path.

But what matters most is that you understand the need to use your time here on earth to do what matters to you.

THAT’S the motivation behind why I spent so much time writing these articles – I think it would make the world a better place, if we all were a little more productive on the things we cared about.

Don’t stop there. Let’s review the key lessons once more…

Final Summary of Time Management in High School

Here’s the final summary of time management for high schoolers.

A well-ordered, productive, successful, and fun life doesn’t just happen by accident.

Starting in high school, you need to sit down and deliberately prepare a personal approach to the different demands on your time, without going crazy.

Our ability to manage time and organize our efforts around a few central goals is what makes the difference between success and failure.

know that you can identify your central goals and work towards them with all your strength and speed.

Then, you will know the meaning of “feeling fulfilled,” and will find the majority of your time management problems disappearing.

The strength of your convictions will burn them away as you walk your true path in life.

Don’t go yet! I’ve got one final question for you…

Question For You: What Have You Learned?

I wanted to ask you this INCREDIBLY important question: What’s the best thing you’ve learned from reading my articles on time management for high school?

Please share your favorite lesson in the comments below, because I am incredibly curious which lesson was the most useful to you…

Or, if there’s something you wanted to learn about, but didn’t, please share THAT instead! I’m sure I can add a new article to answer your questions!

So, leave a quick comment about your favorite lesson or biggest question, and I’ll talk to you again soon!

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