The Power of SAT Prep Video Courses

SAT Prep Video Courses are an incredibly exciting new option for SAT prep. Combine a great instructor with modern video recording and high-speed internet, and you’ve got a brand-new way to learn SAT test concepts with a unique set of features and benefits. When it comes to SAT prep from home, don’t underestimate the value of a good video course!

Today we’re going to be looking at my review of the “GRIFFIN SAT: A Complete Course On Acing the SAT” Video Course available only at Udemy, the #1 source for online courses anytime, anywhere.

The Griffin SAT Complete Video Course:

GRIFFIN SAT: A Complete Course On Acing the SAT is a complete 7-hour video course that is both popular and proven to get results with students studying SAT prep from home.

In 24 comprehensive videos, the course will help students gain points and gain confidence with strategies, tips, and practice tailored to the specifics of the SAT test.

The course curriculum was designed and created by an experienced and successful SAT prep tutor in New York and is at the forefront of quality SAT prep video courses online.

While many SAT video courses focus on only ONE section of the test, this course covers all sections: Math, Critical Reading, Writing, and the Essay, so it’s a comprehensive course as well.

The value in this SAT prep course comes from the great instructor, the complete curriculum, and the ability to study at home anytime, anywhere - without embarassment.

Who is this video course for?

GRIFFIN SAT: A Complete Course On Acing the SAT is designed for high school students that want a core foundation of SAT prep knowledge and practice in all sections: Math, Critical Reading, Writing, and the Essay.

The following types of students will get a lot of value from this SAT course:

  • Taking the SAT test soon or fairly soon.
  • Want a core course or a strong supplement to other SAT prep materials.
  • Prefer learning from videos instead of books.
  • Want freedom/flexibility to study SAT from home.

The Griffin SAT Course is a great core study source but would also work well as a supplemental review for students who have already studied SAT prep. Comprehensive without being exhausting, this SAT prep video course is ideal for high school students at just about any level of test readiness, which is one of the main reasons we’ve chosen it for our recommendation.

Other readers who might be interested in reading are:

  • Parents of high school students
  • Homeschool teachers and students
  • SAT and ACT tutors
  • College counselors
  • High School Teachers

The course will be ideal for students with overall SAT scores from 1200 to 2100 (out of 2400 total). That’s a wide range of students who will benefit from these lessons.

On the other hand, students with very low (below 1200) or very high scores (above 2100) may find the lessons either too difficult or too simple. Those students might benefit more from private SAT prep tutoring instead.

Always remember: the whole point of SAT prep, whether you choose video courses or online tutoring, is to reach for better, more exciting college and career options. It might seem “dry” but it’s really an investment of time and energy that will pay off later!

Griffin SAT Prep Video Course

Click Here to order the Griffin SAT Video Course

Who am I (the review author?)

So why am I writing this review of an online SAT Prep video course and who am I?

My name’s Christian and I’m an experienced SAT test-prep tutor and blogger.  I have perfect SAT scores and have trained hundreds of students in private SAT prep lessons.

Important disclaimer here: Our company shares in the profit if you purchase this educational video product, for connecting an interested and relevant audience with a product that can benefit them.

The good news is, I went through every SAT course on Udemy I could find, and this is one of my very favorite SAT prep video courses – we wouldn’t recommend it to you if we didn’t think it was worth your time and money.

Also, don’t forget that the instructor is confident offering a 30 day money-back refund of this Udemy course! That shows a lot of trust that his viewers will find it valuable. Anyway, just wanted you to know the score and why I’m writing this review for you.

Why would you need this SAT Prep video course?

Why would you want or need this SAT video course?

Well, plenty of families and high school students need more practice and strategies for test-taking.

Plenty of families and students also want to study from home!

And… many families are looking for great instructors, but those aren’t always easy to find.

GRIFFIN SAT: A Complete Course On Acing the SAT is designed to solve or minimize those problems, or just to serve as an SAT prep supplement to anyone preparing for the big test soon.

Whether you need help with Critical Reading, Writing, or Math - the instructor Paul Griffin is going to have a ton of great tips for you to use.

The whole point is to get into a better college and open up new career opportunities and exciting horizons. So any ambitious student or family could consider this course an investment in long-term goals.

What does this product do for students?

This SAT video course is designed for high school students to study from home and master strategies and content for SAT math, reading, and writing.

Through 24 videos in 7 hours of recorded content, students can boost scores and test-taking confidence by practicing at home. It’s actually almost like having a private tutor to go over the material with.

A new user will instantly notice how comprehensive and well-organized the course is and how easy it is to access and get started. The awesome personality of the instructor also draws you in to start learning quickly.

Experienced students will appreciate the lifetime access with so much comprehensive information to review. They can also make use of the online note-taking feature to take notes directly on the videos and return for more insights in the future.

If you need a review of the SAT concepts and techniques, this will also be a great source of info that will give you some new and unexpectedly helpful ideas as well.

Is the instructor of this video course any good?

Is the instructor of this SAT prep video course a great teacher? Without a doubt.

Instructor Paul Griffin is a Princeton graduate and a professional tutor and writer in NYC. He’s a devoted YouTube educator with a strong interest in the possibilities of online tutoring and video.

Paul’s SAT tutoring experience is so helpful as he guides you in an organized, friendly manner through the tough lessons and practice that every student requires if they want a good SAT score.

He teaches with passion and clarity - anyone can tell that he truly wants you to learn and get better through his videos. He is also available to answer student questions in the online community, which proves his devotion to his mission of teaching.

Paul also knows that stress management and confidence are incredibly important to test prep students - so he devotes lesson time to specific tips and techniques for students to use that will decrease their stress and improve their concentration when it counts the most.

Most of Paul’s private students are shooting for admission to the best, Ivy-League colleges and universities, but he also has the personal touch to teach at every level. He gets kids - and that’s what helps him get them to actually do the work themselves.

Don’t just take my word for it - his reviews and personality speak for themselves, so click the big yellow button below to meet him and order his course:

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What are the best parts of this SAT prep video course?

This course excels where it counts the most - it has A) a great instructor and B) a great curriculum. This shows in the overall popularity of the video course and excellent ratings.

Also, a good instructor needs to recognize the fact that all students start at different levels of abilities. This particular course provides strategies, tips, and practice that will be useful for a wide variety of students (all students besides the top and bottom 10% will learn a lot).

As a pro SAT tutor myself, I really like how the course helps students find their motivation and build themselves up to take on the huge project of serious SAT prep. It’s critical that teachers build that self-motivation to get action and results.

In terms of value and price, this video course is an easy choice, since you can get great results for the money and save up to 90% or more compared to a similar amount of private SAT tutoring.

The Udemy video course system includes an online discussion forum based around these videos and that’s another cool community-based benefit for students who sign up - in fact, the instructor himself sometimes shows up to answer questions free of charge.

The 30 day refund is a great promise that helps make it easy to give this course a try and to be open to the lessons it has to teach.

Also, as a nice perk, this course can be accessed on computers, tablets, and phones!

What are the weak points of this SAT prep video course?

Ok, so I always like to analyze the weaker points of every product and service and this one is no different. What are a few weak points of this course?

  • Not personalized (it’s a video course).

Like any video course, it’s not really personalized to you. That’s something you would need a private tutor for, and typically more expensive (don’t forget, we offer private online and local SAT tutoring!)

  • Requires follow-through in time and energy.

All learning requires personal time and energy outside of class. So hopefully everyone goes in knowing they will have to do some of the SAT studying and practice on their own - this might be seen as a downside by some.

  • Separate book required.

Not a real big deal, but you’ll also need to order the primary textbook from Amazon. Actually, you might have it already, since it’s the “official” SAT book, but if not, get it here: Official SAT Study Guide.

  • A few students will find it too easy or too hard.

This video course is designed for the middle 80% - so the top 10% and bottom 10% might find it a little too easy, or too hard. Such students outside the standard score range might benefit more from private tutoring instead.

  • $99 might seem like too much.

We’ll talk more about price and value later, but some families might find the course too expensive at $99. On the other hand, private SAT tutoring costs much more, and the improvements might pay for themselves in scholarships and educational opportunities down the line.

Overall, we think this course has few downsides, low risk, but many potential upsides, making it a great learning investment for SAT prep students online.

What is unique about this SAT prep video course?

Anyone can slap together a few boring videos and call themselves an expert. What makes this course different, in my eyes (also a fellow SAT prep tutor?)

This online SAT video course has a lot that stands out:

  • Instructor skill and personality is highly motivating.
  • Almost like having a top-tier private tutor but just 1/10 the cost of a private tutor.
  • Lifetime access to lessons (unlike tutoring).
  • Top-rated course in Udemy.
  • Refund guarantees confidence and quality.
  • Adaptable to a wide score range.
  • High reviews and course popularity.
  • Community element and online discussion.

Among the online comprehensive SAT video courses, we like to recommend it because it’s balanced and complete without being too expensive or too time-consuming for busy students.

It also will be useful for just about any SAT prep student, so it’s very easy to recommend. Overall it’s unique because it’s a great blend of everything you need and want in an SAT video course, and that’s just not easy to find online!

These videos come with lifetime access, which actually BEATS private tutoring.

Another cool perk is the unique online community aspect and the instructor himself is often available to personally answer difficult questions for the benefit of ALL online students. It’s cool to feel like part of an online learning community focused around the same topic that you’re all a little worried about - makes SAT prep feel more OK and less stressful. So if you’re ready to get started click here.

Griffin SAT Prep Video Course

Order the course today: Click here.

How much does this course cost, and is it worth the money?

If you are interested in ordering your own copy of the Griffin SAT Prep Video Course, it typically costs just $99, which is a huge value in the field of SAT prep where prices typically run much higher.

As a bootcamp for all elements of the SAT test, I think $99 for a condensed, well-organized curriculum with a great instructor offers fantastic value to most families.

At 7 hours of lessons, a typical SAT tutor would bill a minimum of $350 for the same amount of private lessons. Now, private tutoring has its place, without a doubt - but, it’s still easy to see the value in a $99 video course vs. $350 of tutoring.

Don’t forget that these videos come with *lifetime access* which is actually something that private tutoring doesn’t include. It can be really nice to come back to these videos anytime, any place, from a computer, phone, or tablet.

You’re also covered by the 30-day money back guarantee, which eliminates any risk to you - so as a condensed, complete, and organized course with a great instructor and a full refund, it’s a very good educational investment.

Remember - the point of SAT prep is not just to get more points - it’s to build a better life and lifestyle by investing in education. Better colleges and careers are the goal - and SAT prep is one way to get there. Click here to get the videos.

Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days

One reason we love the Griffin SAT Video Course is that the teacher is so confident that he’s put together a great video course that he’s extended a 30-day, complete refund satisfaction guarantee.

I don’t want you to waste your time. If you’ve read this whole review, and you’re nodding along thinking how this could help, I’d bet that you won’t need a refund.

Many of us are a bit gun-shy about buying things on the internet, so this helps reassure you that the investment will not be wasted and that you are completely protected in case the video course doesn’t live up to expectations.

I’d suggest you sign up first and start to study the included lessons. Then you have 30 days to decide, and you’ve already gotten started working on your SAT prep skills and review.

Where can I order the Griffin SAT Prep Course?

Good question! Access to the video course is only available through this link: GRIFFIN SAT: A Complete Course On Acing the SAT at

Udemy is growing quickly as the premier #1 destination for online courses. It’s a bit like YouTube but with high-quality instructional content that the best instructors have made into organized lessons and courses.. then customers can review it and build a community around the videos.

Udemy Video Courses are accessible for life and can be viewed on computers, tablets, AND phones so that’s a really nice perk as well. It’s a great place to learn “anytime, anywhere.”

A few reasons we love Udemy for instructional videos:

I think Udemy is an amazing idea and a great place for kids and parents to learn more about the SAT through online video courses from home.

Here’s a list of the main reasons why we think Udemy is great for learning:

  • Established and growing community of online video educators.
  • Community reviews let you know which courses are best.
  • Videos and audio are high quality.
  • System keeps track of your lesson completion.
  • Can re-watch every lesson as many times as you want.
  • Most lessons have a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days.
  • The lesson delivery method is a nice clear interface.
  • Take your notes inside the video interface.
  • Work from your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Community questions; ask a forum of fellow video-watchers.

The highly-reviewed Griffin SAT Prep Video Course is a great introduction to the power of to learn and study anytime, anywhere.

Since you’re protected by the 30-day money back guarantee, you can also get your cash back if you change your mind later on.

If you’re shy at all, it’s also nice to know you can learn at home using Udemy videos without any fear of embarrassment!

Closing Thoughts:

The real value from this SAT prep video course comes from the instructor. His passion, high-quality material, and experience all come through to drive students to study and improve more.

At only $99 compared to the typical hundreds of tutoring dollars for similar information, this is a great investment and the videos are a cool alternative to SAT books (which are seen as “boring” by today’s student… often with good reason!)

Students who want to study from home can work on their own timetable, without the hassle of commuting. They also don’t have to deal with live-classroom embarrassment, which holds so many kids back.

The complete refund for 30 days protects you in case you don’t like the course for any reason.

My final thought is this: don’t just think of the short-term, but focus on long-term happiness and success in college, education, and career. If this course helps you or your kids get just one step closer, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Order Now and Start Today:

You can start studying with the Griffin SAT Prep Online Video Course in under 2 minutes. All you need is access to the internet, a valid email address, and your credit card.

I’m urging you to sign your student up now, start working on your Reading skills together, and decide LATER if you’re getting the expected educational value from your investment. You can ALWAYS use that 30-day guarantee to get your cash back, so that’s why I say…

“The only risk you take is waiting too long to start.”

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