Scholarship Counseling for High School Students

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Strategies to find + win scholarships and pay for college.

Scholarship and financial tips for all college-bound families.

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Most teens and high schoolers have very little idea of how college scholarships really work, how to find them, and especially how to win them.


This complete online course will motivate and inspire your high school kids to figure out the scholarship system, find scholarships that fit them, and get them psyched up about to apply for scholarships and all the hard work that will entail.


Christian Heath is an SAT tutor, author and entrepreneur from Austin, TX.

Christian's educational accomplishments include: 


  • Reaching a perfect-2400 score on the SAT
  • Acceptance and graduation from Pomona College, a Top-10 private college.
  • Thousands of hours of private teaching.
  • Built a tutoring business from "solo-preneur" to a small team.
  • Authorship of several educational textbooks
  • Taught high schoolers abroad at CDIS International School in Chengdu, China.

Throughout his high school and college education, Christian remained in the top-10% of his class and has continued to learn every day since. 

Mentoring and sharing knowledge are two of his primary callings.

In his free time, Christian dedicates himself to the pursuits of business-building and management, music, reading, motorcycling, personal development, and health and wellness.

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