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Pronoun Case on the SAT and ACT

On both the SAT and ACT, you’ll be required to know whether to use a subject pronoun or an object pronoun in a sentence. This article will teach you what those are and how to use them properly. You probably know a pronoun replaces a noun, but do you know the... read more

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Our job is to increase scores on the SAT, plain and simple. We love to work with motivated students and see their scores shoot up to new heights.

We use a variety of effective test prep methods and we keep students on their toes, which also keeps boredom at bay!

In one tutoring session, we might review twenty SAT vocabulary words, isolate and practice three common types of SAT math problems that your student finds difficult, discuss and improve a practice essay, and study SAT Critical Reading strategies.

Our instructional methods emphasize strategy, practice, pacing, confidence, humor, and a personal and personable relationship with each of our students.

Also, because we hate being bored (with a passion!), we do everything in our power to keep this often-dry SAT prep material from becoming boring to our students.

“Wow, that last hour just flew by!” is one of our favorite compliments to get from students!

Most importantly, we’ll get results. If you’re feeling on the fence, please contact us for free advice on the SAT.


With fun and friendly tutoring lessons, SAT prep classes, a centrally-located office, and more, we think it’s safe to say…

“If your student is getting ready to take the SAT in Austin, you have come to the right place!”

Lesson times fill quickly during testing season (which is pretty much year-round these days)!

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The SAT Word of the Day is “UNFLAPPABLE”: having or showing calmness in a crisis. In the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, President Bush displayed an unflappable sense of leadership. ... See MoreSee Less

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