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5 Quick Tips for Effective ACT Test Prep

5 Tips for Better ACT Test Prep Have you ever known SO MUCH about something that it seems impossible to boil it down into just a few words? Well, that's how I feel about ACT test prep. I've been studying the ACT test and teaching ACT prep tutoring for so long. It's...

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Top ACT Math Tips From A Pro ACT Tutor

Top ACT Math Tips From A Pro ACT Tutor The ACT Math test is one of the most important sections of the ACT test - and one of the most challenging. Yet, it's one of the most vital sections for you to perform well on if you want to get accepted to your favorite colleges....

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ACT Science Tips

Welcome to the ACT Science Section Looking for ACT Science tips from a pro tutor? The ACT Science section is one of the strangest sections on either the SAT or the ACT test. It's a curious mix of reading, science, math, and critical reasoning - all wrapped up in one...

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SAT Scores of Celebrities!

SAT Scores of Celebrities and Presidents Everyone takes the SAT, even presidents and celebrities! Based on self-reported scores of several famous presidents and celebrities, it's clear that you can still do amazing things in this life with a low SAT score, and that...

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What We Do

Our job is to increase your student’s scores on the SAT and ACT tests, plain and simple.

We use a variety of effective test prep methods and we keep students on their toes. In one tutoring session, we might review twenty SAT vocabulary words, isolate and practice three common types of SAT and ACT math problems that your student finds difficult, discuss and improve a practice essay, and study SAT and ACT Reading strategies.

Our instructional methods emphasize strategy, practice, pacing, confidence, humor, and a personal relationship with each of our students.

Because we hate being bored (with a passion!), we keep this dry SAT and ACT prep material from becoming boring to our students. “Wow, that last hour just flew by!” is one of our favorite compliments to get from students!

Most importantly, we’ll get results.

If you have questions, please contact us for free advice on SAT / ACT testing.