ACT Essay: Where to Find Examples to Prove Your Argument

How to Build a List of Examples to Use on the ACT Essay Students hate when they're required to write the ACT Essay, but if they're prepared to do so, it's a great opportunity to demonstrate their skill at thinking critically, evaluating multiple points of view, and...

Get A Higher SAT Essay Score

So, over the last week I sat down and made a brand-new SAT Essay course to help you get a higher SAT Essay score. Who am I, you ask? Well, I have multiple perfect scores on the SAT Essay. So I'm completely certain that what I'm doing works to get a higher SAT essay...

Types of Numbers in Math: SAT and ACT Tips

The Different Types of Numbers, Explained When taking the SAT or ACT, or when navigating your way through a math course, chances are you'll be required to know the definitions of different types of numbers. You wouldn't believe how many students aren't sure what tests...

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