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…Excellent SAT prep class and outstanding parent communication…
Janet S.

Mom - Austin, TX

Oh, and I wanted to thank you for your CR articles,too! You just summarized all the tricks in one place; I’ve faced some of these (paraphrasing,repeating ideas,extreme answer¬†choices), but I’ve never thought of those as of the poor/good answer choice indicators!


You explain the material from the test-taker’s perspective,and it helps tremendously.SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH ūüôā *However,I don’t think that interactive smiles can express the level of my gratitute to you ;)*

All the best,


Blog Reader

Thomas came home last night and said (about you)” He is a great teacher, he gets me and doesn’t judge me and he doesn’t make me feel stupid.” Thank you so much!!
Rhonda M.

Mom - Austin, TX

Unlike with another local PSAT test prep course she attended, with Love the SAT! my daughter was motivated to complete her assignments and actually looked forward to her private tutoring sessions with her tutor. I cannot speak highly enough of Love the SAT! Of course, my daughter’s SAT scores vastly improved after 8 weeks of tutoring. We couldn’t be happier with the results.
Liz B.

Mom - Austin, TX, Yelp Review

Chris Bakka is amazing. He helped me raise my SAT score by triple digits. I finally understood and felt comfortable for a the test. I’ve recommended him to everyone I know if they are looking for help. I was nervous the first time I went like I would be “too dumb” but with the small group sessions and one on one tutoring it was really a blessing! If you think you need help, Love The SAT will truly help you get the scores you want.

Seriously, just go. It’s amazing, I can’t speak highly enough about it.

Hailey S.

Student - Austin, TX

I would HIGHLY recommend the Love the SAT classes and will be sending my other daughter their next year…
Karen K.

Mom - Austin, TX

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Just a short note to tell you WHAT a FABULOUS job that you are doing with the class. Luke has really appreciated your teaching manner & not complained about going! ¬†WOW ‚Äď credit to you!!
Jennifer N.

Mom - Austin, TX


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Love the SAT with Christian was exactly what we needed for our first kid going through the process!
Janet G.

Mom - Austin, TX

By the way, thank you for the added bonus of guiding [my student] in her future.  She said you were an excellent SAT teacher, but more importantly a remarkable life coach! ;-))

Mom - Austin, TX

OMG!!!!!!!!! This is the greatest thing that has ever happend to me. I dont know how to express my gratitude to you. Really. I have always studied SAT on my own and your writing provided me with much more confidence as I used to have diffuculty with writing. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. You dont know me but you did to me such a good deed. Thank you .

Have a nice day, thanks a lot

Best regard,¬†Th∆į∆°ng Mai

Th∆į∆°ng Mai

Blog Reader

[My son]¬†was very happy to have attended your class. I know that he doesn’t always express his feelings, but attending your class definitely made him more confident and excited about the SAT.


There is nothing better than finding an amazing service. I have told a number of family and friends about your class and will continue to spread the word.

Thanks again for taking the time to tutor him, I am grateful

Carina H.

Mom - Austin, TX

But wait.. there’s more!

He likes the class and describes you as the “Mr. Miyagi” of the SAT…
Chuck M.

Dad - Austin, TX

Test prep tutors can actually be pretty cool.

Built on a new style of friendship + collaboration.

Test prep that kids actually enjoy.

My daughter is preparing to take the SAT for the first time, and I’m a little nervous on her behalf. You can imagine how she feels. I got this book so she wouldn’t freak and freeze up with nothing to say on such an important test. I can’t help her with that myself - back when I took it, you didn’t have to write an essay.

I was really impressed with this book. It’s helping my girl to prepare and get an edge over the other students (more important now because of the written component), and it’s lowering her stress about the whole thing since she can plan ahead on what to write about. I suggest every parent of a high schooler pick this up and save yourselves a lot of grief. I wish we lived near the author so we could take his SAT course live.

Sam G.

Book Review, Amazon.com

[My daughter]¬†wanted me to email you to see if you were offering any practice SAT’s during the Christmas break (Saturday 12/27 or 1/3). She had forgotten to ask you yesterday if you were giving one. She is scheduled to take the SAT 1/24 and unfortunately those are the only Saturday’s she will be free to take one.


Anyways, thank you so much for working with her! She was very happy with her PSAT scores and how much she improved over the past year.

Thanks again,


Ann A.

Mom - Austin, TX

[My son] has had a great experience working with [your tutor] Chris.  He is convinced that the sessions have helped with his school work in general in addition to getting him better prepared for the January SAT test.
Jerry S.

Dad - Austin, TX

This is a useful book for SAT practice. My daughter was able to increase her SAT score significantly by understanding how the SATs are reviewed and graded.

It’s not a short cut but it does help practice the test and allow you to focus on what’s important.

It is beyond my understanding why the school system in our area doesn’t use such a tool rather than leaving it to the kids to have to navigate this area on their own. This is not cheating, it simply explains what the examiners are looking for.¬†Highly recommended.


Book Review, Amazon.com

When I was involved with Love the SAT, they did an amazing job at helping me work through my weaknesses. I walked out of each class feeling more prepared than I had before.

I was especially nervous about the mathematical portion of the test, but after only a few sittings, he helped me create strategies that cut the time it took me to solve each question in half.

Without Love the SAT, I would have walked into the testing room scared out of my pants. Preparing with my tutor helped me know what to expect when I sat down to take the test. He made the experience much easier for me!

I can thank Love the SAT for my greater understanding of the test, and also for helping me make the scores I needed to get into my dream college!


High School Student - Austin, TX

LoveTheSAT is probably the best educational investment I made for my daughter. I did try other SAT classes before, but they didn’t bring much success. My daughter scored very well ¬†in her first attempt after a group session and a couple of one-on-ones. She’s now taking few more one-on-one sessions and trying to raise her score. Her tutor was¬†focused, patient and encouraging. If you need to ace SAT, there is no other places better than LoveTheSAT.
Bijan M.

Mom - Austin, TX, Yelp Review

Love the SAT is a great place to send your student to sharpen their skills to take the SAT.  At Love the SAT, the class sizes are small therefore enabling each student to grasp the essential lessons being taught.

My son always came home from small group class to share several techniques and bits of knowledge. ¬†In addition to the small group instruction, my son is now taking a few one-on-one tutorials to raise his first score. We provided our tutor¬†with the areas where a bit of improvement is warranted and the focus is now geared to my son’s exact area of need.

The best part of all this is my son does not complain about going to his Love the SAT lessons.  He actually voices how the classes are assisting him both with knowledge/techniques and in his confidence.  We would highly recommend Love the SAT to any student interested doing they best they can on the SAT.

Monica V.

Mom - Austin, TX

As a senior in high school applying to colleges as we speak, it was EXACTLY what I needed to get my SAT scores up into the range that would get me noticed by colleges!
Shelby N.

High School Student - Austin, TX

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