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College Counseling and Essay Prep is a personalized, premium 1-on-1 service designed to guide, polish, and help finalize your high school student’s college and university applications and essays.

Our private College Counseling and Essay Prep services are designed for high school students and parents with high standards and lofty educational goals.

Both “normal” and “highly-competitive” students can get a boost to their college applications through our personalized college advising and essay services.

  • Planning and organization for complicated college apps process.
  • Individualized, polished college apps and essays that stand out.
  • Get admissions officers’ attention with quality personal statements.
  • Better chances at scholarship money and awards.
  • More prestigious colleges = better careers and greater life success.
  • Personal counselor holding kids accountable.
  • Less parental stress and frustration.
  • Cool and fun instructors who motivate kids to get more done.
  • Less complaining from kids - pass the problems off to our tutors.

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