I would HIGHLY recommend the Love the SAT classes and will be sending my other daughter their next year…

Karen K.


…Excellent SAT prep class and outstanding parent communication…

Janet S.


…put a new twist on the SAT for my son…

Carina H.


..Love the SAT with Christian was exactly what we needed for our first kid going through the process!

Janet G.




They need a reason to get ready now, rather than later. They need to be gently reminded how important the SAT is to their future. They need to feel a connection between themselves, their parents, and their SAT tutor. They need help making a long-term commitment to improving their score.

They need an alternative to impersonal SAT prep courses offered by giant corporations. They don’t need to be forgotten about at the back of the classroom.

They need the guided SAT practice and the tools and cutting-edge SAT strategies and textbooks that will help them get higher scores. They need feedback on their missed questions, and they need to be reassured that they can succeed on the SAT, even when they think they hate it with all of their might.

They need to know where to find the best materials. They need to review key concepts in an orderly fashion, and they need a way to learn the concepts that they don’t understand or have forgotten about.

They need an ally, and they need an expert. They need a guide to the SAT who can speak from experience. Whether they’ve never seen this test before or they’re looking for elite SAT prep tutoring in Austin, they need someone who’s “been there.”

Maybe most of all, high schoolers need a little bit of compassion - after a 10-hour day they need some support and camaraderie.

We don’t just think about what our students might need… We make it happen!

Also: The SAT prep calendar is available and it’s booking fast!

How do I sign up?

Just contact us by answering a few easy questions and we will respond personally within 24 hours. Whether you’re interested in tutoring or small classes, we’ll set up a meeting time and location and get started on your SAT prep journey!

You can also see our service listing at Thumbtack.com! *(5 more stars!!)

SAT Tutoring at a glance

Session length: 90 minutes each (Schedule)

Rates: See Rates & Policies

Curriculum: One-on-one, custom-designed for each of our students based on their strengths, weaknesses, and personal concerns

Tutoring follows-up classes:Virtually all students have similar fundamental issues and difficulties on the SAT! That’s why we view tutoring as a supplement to group class attendance, not an alternative. We once viewed group class as a poor substitute for one-on-one tutoring, but we’ve changed my mind with practice and experience. Group class is a great way to study for the SAT - if the instructor is devoted and knows exactly what he or she is doing.

Homework: About two-four hours of personal vocabulary building and reading is expected per week and one to three hours of written SAT homework per tutoring session or group class.

Practice Tests: Authentic, full-length timed practices are an essential part of effective SAT prep. Group class includes 2 proctored practice tests, and 1-on-1 tutoring includes 1 practice test session per four lessons.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you can’t tell from the first lesson that we have the right SAT tutoring team for you, you don’t pay for the lesson, and you can keep the books too!