From our friends at Online College we present this incredible College Planning Calendar infographic!

Sometimes it’s really hard to “visualize” all the college-prep information you’re supposed to be taking in.

It can get really hard to budget your time properly in high school.

That’s why we’re super-excited to share this awesome infographic with you!

High school students in any grade (9th through 12th) can find their current spot on this college-readiness chart and ensure that they’re on-track for a successful college application season.

Do you need to work on test prep? College apps? Grades and GPA? This graphic will help you decide.

Without further ado we present the Complete College Planning Calendar below!

College Planning Calendar Infographic Source: Online College

Here at Love the SAT Test Prep we’re always on the lookout for new and amazing infographics to help with college planning, SAT and ACT test prep, winning scholarships, and all the other challenges faced by high school students.

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