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High School Social Life - Does It Matter To You?

I’ve worked on SAT and ACT prep with hundreds of high schoolers in 1-on-1 and group lessons… but more importantly, I was once a teenager and high schooler myself.

So, I’m confident when I say that for most high schoolers, your friends and your social life are probably the single most important thing to you on a daily basis.

In this article, we’ll think about your social life in high school and how it affects your ability to manage time and get things done.

High School Social Life Is Important!

Now, first things first. Social life in high school IS important and I’m not going to tell you otherwise.

It might seem like your parents and teachers are always trying to suck up all your time. They give you so much homework and so many activities that you never actually have any time to hang out with your friends.

And, whenever you finally get a chance to relax with your friends or do something fun, it seems like your parents are always blowing the whistle too soon… calling you back home to study for your finals, or whatever.

Parents And Teachers Forget You Have Social Life

That doesn’t mean your parents and teachers don’t want you to have a social life.

Usually, the adults in your life aren’t fully aware of how much work you have to do. They always think it’s ok to give “just one more assignment” or “one more chore” or whatever…

They never realize how much you would love to get some time with your friends!

Social Life Helps Us Develop Our Personality And Skills

Social time is incredibly important for the personality and charisma we develop by hanging out with our friends.

Social skills are also important when you get into college, the workplace and in adult life… so high school is the ideal time to start working on them.

It might seem over-dramatic to say that hanging out with your friends is important because it makes you a better adult. But whatever, it’s totally true!

High School Social Life Also Has Big Risks

But, I’m also thinking about the huge risks that can come up during your social life. In classes, after school, and on the weekends…

Please don’t roll your eyes too hard, but I’m talking about peer pressure. Getting into trouble, drug and alcohol use, and skipping classes…

It’s nothing personal, it’s just something teenagers have ALWAYS done.

It’s only human to look for new ways to rebel, especially when certain things are “off limits” or “against the rules.”

We’re all looking for new experiences and more freedom.

But in a group with your high school friends, it can be easy to lose sight of the boundaries… to egg each other on to break the rules a little too much.

One Big Mistake Can Have Major Consequences

It’s all fun and games until suddenly you’ve crossed a line and you realize you might be in serious trouble.

Everyone learns that if they speed too much, they’ll eventually see police lights flashing in their rear view mirror.

So, if you take too many RISKS and test your luck due to peer pressure in high school, you will sometimes come up with bad luck.

Then there will be long-term consequences that you can’t necessarily undo.

Make Smart Decisions and Avoid Dumb Ones

So, in terms of time management, I just want to remind you to make smart decisions.

Or at least, try not to make any really DUMB decisions that could get you in trouble. Those are the things that will catch up to eventually.

Nothing will set you back in life as far as getting into big trouble during high school. This can jeopardize your entire college, scholarship, and career experience.

Although most mistakes you make in high school will be completely forgotten with time, a BIG mistake in high school can haunt you for the rest of your life.

Even an accumulation of small mistakes in high school can also hold you back. It will be harder to get into your favorite college. Your first job options won’t be quite as good as they could have been.

I don’t mean to sound scary - it’s only because I care so much about your success that I’m emphasizing this so strongly.

Don’t Fall For Peer Pressure In High School

It’s when we’re with our friends that we’re most likely to compromise on “who we are.”

To let go of our own personal values, even temporarily, in order to fit in with the crowd.

When it comes to managing your time in high school, it’s incredibly important to keep a short leash on this tendency.

You have to watch yourself. Keep yourself from EVER spiraling out of control due to peer pressure.

It only takes ONE time for things to go really wrong, and then ALL your hard work in school can go to waste.

Some Kids Say Studying Isn’t Cool - Are They Right?

Many high schoolers will say studying and doing homework is not “cool”.

So, you may not want to really brag about your hard work in school… unless your friends are studious too.

If your peer group hate studying (well maybe you should find a new group of friends!), just don’t tell them about your hard work.

Don’t call extra attention to your good grades, passion for life, time-management and study skills.

Most of us are pretty focused on ourselves. If you never call attention to your success, your friends will never really notice.

Then even if they hate studying, you can stay friends with them but ALSO excel in school.

Remember To Enjoy Your Social Life In High School

And now one final thought.

Always keep in mind that great time-management quote, “Time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted.”

If you’re really having a good time, then it can’t be a waste of time, right?

We should always remember to enjoy ourselves. Not to take life TOO seriously.

But you also have to deal with reality:

You need to graduate from high school, get into a good college, and make enough money to live well and accomplish your life’s work.

That’s what will make you feel happy and satisfied with your life on every level.

Have You Ever Made A Bad Decision From Peer Pressure In High School?

So, have you ever made a bad decision due to peer pressure in high school?

I know I have. It’s ok, we’ve all been there. Get it off your chest and share your story in the comments section!

If we all share our dumb mistakes from peer pressure, we’ll see that everyone is makes mistakes.

Head to the comments section and share your peer-pressure story! 

I’ll see you in the next article 🙂

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