As we cover in our Conquer SAT Vocabulary video course, when you come across a vocab word you don’t know on the SAT, there are a few ways to deal with it. The first involves checking for context clues, and the second involves taking the word apart, so to speak, to examine its prefix, suffix, or root. If you’re familiar with these common prefixes, suffixes, and roots, you’re more likely to be able to guess at the meaning of the word.

Here’s a list of some of the most common prefixes, suffixes, and roots on the SAT. If you memorize these prefixes, suffixes, and roots, vocabulary words that employ them should be a breeze!

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Top SAT Vocabulary Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots

A – Not, without

Ab – Away from

Ad – toward

An – Not, without

Ama – Love

Ambi – Both

Ambu – Walk, move

Anim – Life, spirit

Ante – Before

Anti – Against

Auc – Increase

Aud / Aur – Hear

Aug – Increase

Auto – Self

Bell – War

Bene – Good

Bon – Good

Bi – Two

Brev – Short

Caco – bad, abnormal

Chron – Time

Circum – Around

Cog – Think

Co, Con – With

Corp – Body

Contra – Against

Cred – Trust, believe

Culp – Guilt

Demo – people

Di – Two

Dia – Through

Dict – Say

Dis – Not

Dog, dox – thought, idea

Dom – Mastery

Dur – Hard, Lasting

Dys – Difficult

Err – Wrong

Eu – Good

E, Ex – From

Fac, Far – Do, make

Fall – False

Fid – Loyal

Fiss – Break, apart

Fort – strength

Gen – Knowledge OR Innate

Grav – Weight, Serious

Hetero – Different

Homo – Same

Hydro – Water

Hyper – Over

Im, In – Not

Intra – Within

Inter – Between

Lev – Light (weight)

Lib – Free OR Book

Luc, Lux – Light (absence of dark)

Loc, Loq – Words, Speech

Magna – Large

Macro – Large

Mal – Bad

Mater – Mother

Ment – Mind

Micro – Small

Moll – Soft

Morph – Change

Mort – Death

Multi – Many

Mut – Change

Nom – Name

Ob – Against

Os – Bone

Pac, Plac – Peace

Para – Alongside, Contrary to

Pater – Father

Ped – Foot OR Child

Pej – Bad

Pend – Hang

Peri – Around

Phon – Sound

Port – Carry

Pot – Power

Pro – In favor of

Pug – War, fight

Re – Again

Scrib – Write

Sens, Sent – Feel

Seq – Follow

Spec – Look

Stat – Stand

Sub – Below

Super – Above

Tac – Silence

Temp – Time

Ten – Hold

Terr – Earth

Tract – Move

Trans – Through

Vac – Empty, waver

Val – Value

Vap – Air, Steam

Ven – Come

Vener – Worship, Love

Ver – True

Vid – See

Vig – Energy

Vit – Life

Voc, Vox – Voice

Vol – Roll, turn, desire, fly

Xen – Stranger

* * *

Easy, huh? Now you’ve mastered some common prefixes, suffixes, and roots on the SAT!

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