Sitting for long periods of time is bad for your body and mind, and at some point during the test, you’re bound to hit a lull in energy. Stretching refreshes your body and gives you an energy boost to push through and get the best score possible!

You don’t have to pull out full-on yoga poses in the testing room to get the benefits, but stretching during your breaks can keep you focused and alert! Remember to go slow, and only push until it feels good!

Reach for the Sky!

The first one’s straightforward, and you probably already do it all the time! Stretch your arms up, straighten your back, and then push your arms as far back as you can comfortably go. Go slow and feel it in your shoulders, chest, and lower back.

Side Bend

While standing, reach one arm up and arc it over your head to the opposite side. Again, go slow and feel the stretch!

Touch Your Piggies

While standing, bend at the hip and extend your fingers to touch your toes. Keep your knees straight, but don’t force it if you can’t reach all the way. Remember that our goal is to stay comfortable and feel good, so if you want to bend over and let your top half hang, go for it!

Relieve Your Wrists and Fingers!

You have an essay to write and tight bubbling to do with all haste–your hands will need a break! This one you can do at any point in the test without disturbing others, so relieve those muscles!

Start with your hand in a fist and then extend your fingers, opening your hand wide. Do it slowly back and forth a couple times.

Also relieve your wrists and ankles by rotating them in a circle. Go slow and then rotate in the other direction.

Loosen Your Neck

If you’re like me, you test with your body rigid and hunched over your desk. To loosen your neck, let your chin fall to your chest, and then slowly raise your chin until you’re facing forward. Close your eyes through this if you’d like, and raise your chin a little higher. Keep your shoulders down. Let your head go up and down a couple times, and if you think you were going slow before, take it down a notch!

Slowly turn your head to look to your left, then slowly to your right, and repeat a few more times. Don’t let those shoulders creep up! Finish off by gently rolling your head in a circle.


You don’t have to do all the stretches at once, but you’ll be in that seat for hours, so get up and move every chance you get! Refresh your body and mind so that you can give your best effort!

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