While some view college as a place to expand one’s mind and find one’s passions, many people view college first and foremost as a means to an end. What end, you ask? A full-time job! If you’re going to college strictly so you can get a full-time job after you graduate, here are some of the best majors for you to choose!


Eager to learn how to measure and report on the financial workings of an individual or a company? Want to understand how an audit works? Looking to analyze financial statements? Want a career that draws upon your business skills and accounting knowledge? Major in Accounting!

Computer Science

If you love software engineering, robotics, data processing, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, game design and programming, scientific programming and microprocessor development, you’ll love being a Computer Science major! It’s also a practical major that will land you a job after college!


Be a friend to organizations such as banks, government agencies, stockholders and suppliers! If you’ve got a talent for math and have strong organizational skills, a career in finance just might be the one for you. As a finance major, you’ll be preparing yourself for a job that involves helping people strategize for their financial growth (and your own!)

Business Administration/Management

Looking to create your own business or help manage someone else’s? Why not become a Business Administration major? Not only will you go on to obtain full-time work, but you just might be inspired to create a job for someone else!

Mechanical Engineering

Love machines and understanding how they work? Want a broadly applicable degree? Consider Mechanical Engineering! Whether you’re learning how to design and manufacture a microscale sensor or an inkjet printer nozzle or a spacecraft, you’ll never be bored with Mechanical Engineering. Furthermore, you’ll easily get a job after college with this sought-after degree.

Information Sciences and Systems

Do you love data? Be an Information Sciences and Systems major! Who wouldn’t want to create and maintain systems for data storage, analysis, protection, and retrieval? After studying Information Sciences, you’ll easily get a job after college!

Management Information Systems

Love technology and learning how to implement it? Why not major in Management Information Systems? Help out businesses and other organizations as you apply your knowledge of computer databses, networks, computer security, and much, much more! It’s a major that’s sure to lead to rewarding and exciting work after college!

Electrical Engineering

Love computers? Love math? Want to make a ton of money after college? If you can handle this difficult major, Electrical Engineering might be the pathway for you! As an Electrical Engineering major, you’ll learn about electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism! There are so many exciting careers in Electrical Engineering just waiting for you after college… And they’re not going away anytime soon!

Logistics/Supply Chain

Help ensure that goods and services make it to as many consumers as possible! Become an analyst, consultant, or customer service manager. As a Logistics/Supply Chain major, you’ll learn many valuable skills that will make you a competitive candidate for many exciting and lucrative positions with companies large and small!


Pretty much all jobs are concerned with Economics, and as an Economics major, you’ll become an expert on the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth! Understand the way money flows in our economy and you’ll make yourself a valuable candidate for a job after college. Make money and help others make money. It’s a win-win major!


These days, everyone’s got something to sell, but not everyone knows how to sell it! As a Marketing major, you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade, making yourself a hot commodity on the job market. Help people sell their ideas and products to the market by understanding how the market works and what it wants. A job in marketing is sure to keep you busy and well-paid!

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