Whether you’re taking the SAT or the ACT, you’ll be holed up in a room bright and early on a Saturday morning for hours. Even if you’ve made sure to prepare for the SAT ahead of time, and you’ve learned great time management skills for high school… and even with your healthy breakfast… you’ll be feeling some tummy-grumbles as the hours roll by. To keep focused and boost your energy levels, be sure to pack the right snacks! A healthy snack with the right nutrients can power you through the test (along with a few good stretches)!

If you’re used to snacking healthy with hummus or hard-boiled eggs, go you! But depending on the snack, popping out the tupperware during your test break can be cumbersome, messy, or too much hassle. Here are some test-approved snacks that will boost your energy, keep you focused, and are easily packed to boot!

Fresh/Dried Fruit

Fruits are full of vitamins and good carbs–great for quick energy! Plus, they’re fiber-rich to stave off the hunger. Grab any low-sugar fruit like apples, bananas, or oranges!

You can even pack dried fruit for added convenience! Just watch for the amount of sugar to avoid a sugar crash.

Dry Cereal

A baggie of cereal is not just for babies–cereal also has carbs for a quick energy boost! Just pick one low in sugar.


Packed with fiber and healthy fats, almonds and walnuts are a great snack to pack. The protein, iron, and copper are a great source of energy!

Fresh Vegetables

Veggies are low in calories and full of complex carbs for a lasting energy boost!


Yes, popcorn! (Just not the “extra-butter” kind.) Popcorn is whole-grain and full of fiber to keep you full.

Pop a Mint!

Peppermint–even just its scent–has been shown to improve focus on tasks that required sustained concentration (like tests!), so keep a couple handy!

Dark Chocolate

The cocoa in dark chocolate has been shown to improve brain function, and a couple of other substances in this rich treat stimulate happiness or pleasure in the brain too! A little happiness in a testing room early on a Saturday morning can’t hurt, right?

Trail Mix Anyone?

Or you can combine the awesome powers of nuts, dried fruit, cereal, and dark chocolate into one MIGHTY snack! Everyone loves trail mix. 🙂


No matter which snack you grab for the big day, it’s sure to soothe the beast in your belly and give you the energy and focus boost you need to make it through the test! Good luck!

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