Taking a practice SAT test is a commitment, but there’s no better way to get a feel for how you’ll fare on testing day. An SAT practice test can sharpen your test-taking skills and give you as close to the real experience as you can get. So, what do you need to know?


Why would I want to take a practice SAT Test?

Well, it gives you a good check-in of how you would do on the real test. It gives you a chance to really drill down and identify what problems you could potentially have on the SAT. Some problems might not be with the material itself, but with the structure of the test! This way, you can have a practice run

If you’re suffering from test anxiety, it can also serve to give you a low stakes space to test out your anxiety management skills in a test environment. A practice SAT doesn’t require the full cheat-prevention routines the real SAT does, so it’s a good middle step to take if the SAT testing environment is a little too much to bear.

One huge advantage of a practice SAT test with LoveTheSAT is having a third party grade your essays and give you feedback. Essays are notoriously hard to self score, and the critique can easily pull an essay score back from the brink.


What should I bring to a practice SAT Test?

Bring everything to a practice SAT Test that you would to a real SAT Test. The same calculator, the same snacks, the same No. 2 pencils. If anything’s wrong with your supplies, it’s much better to find out in a practice room than the actual day of. Also remember to pack the same drink and snacks that you would bring to the real SAT for your break, so you can see if they’re enough to last you through the end of the test. College board has the most up-to-date information about what kind of calculators you can and can’t bring.

Last but not least, eat a hearty breakfast and bring your resolve to crush the SAT!


How should I treat the practice SAT Test?

Treat it like a real SAT test. Put in real effort and keep tabs on yourself throughout the test. Do you start rushing on a certain part? Are you running out of energy right before the math section? Does starting a certain section make you nervous? At each break, take stock of how you’re feeling and how you felt on the last portion of the test. Don’t judge yourself for feeling a certain way, just make a note of it. You can brainstorm how to deal with any energy dips or problem emotions later. On the practice SAT, just make a note of it for later, and move on.


What does my score mean?

Your score on a practice SAT Test is an estimate on how you would score on the real SAT. High or low, it’s not what you’ll actually score on the SAT- you’ve got a lot of time and planning before you take the real SAT! It serves as a good way of checking in on your progress, though. It also helps if you notice one score lagging behind the others.

The most valuable part of a practice SAT test is the opportunity to get feedback on your SAT essays by a grader. It’s very hard to grade your own essays, much less self-critique.

At the end of the day, your practice SAT score is a beginning, not an end.  If things go well on the practice SAT, you’ll still need to study and keep yourself sharp for the real thing. The practice SAT test’s strength is telling you what parts need more practice and familiarizing you with the testing environment.

Your score tells you where you are, not where you’ll end up. Remember to put that effort in on testing day, and keep practicing!



That’s all! Now go forth and stay sharp all through that SAT! If you want more SAT and ACT prep advice sure to join our mailing list for a free 27-item checklist and 30-day free SAT email course.

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