SAT Tutoring Expenses in Visual Form:

Today I want to give a deeper look into the reasons and expenses behind SAT tutoring rates.

Test prep tutoring has typically been a “black box” of secret pricing and hidden rate information. So, as a small local business, I tracked down the approximate amount we are spending on each major expense.

Why do we charge what we charge for tutoring?

Instead of comparing ourselves to other companies (we think we’re pretty different, anyway!), I’ve created an infographic for you to check out.

You can even hover your mouse over the different sections of the chart to see more clearly!

There are a lot of components to a strong tutoring program. From tutor payroll (biggest expense) to pens and pencils (the smallest), every factor contributes to providing a great place to study and learn.

I hope this infographic helps give parents a clearer idea of what goes into building a great test prep experience for students studying the SAT or ACT and where our tutoring rates come from. It was really fun to make it:


Breakdown of our SAT tutoring rates and expenses:

  1. Tutor Payroll: Only the best tutors and teachers.
  2. Office Rent: Clean, quiet, sunlit office suite for students to work comfortably in.
  3. Management: Keeping things on track so you can relax (at least when it comes to test prep).
  4. Customer Service: To be available as often as possible, even as a very small business.
  5. Proctored Tests: Take tests at our office - much more realistic than studying at home.
  6. Ongoing Training: Our team is continually getting better at the SAT and serving you.
  7. Books: So you don’t need to guess which ones work best with kids.
  8. Curriculum Design: We custom-plan our 1-on-1 tutorials and group classes.
  9. Printer Paper and Toner: Getting your tests ready bright and early.
  10. Test Prep Blogging: Our team of writers loves to write helpful articles for parents and kids.
  11. Facebook Advertising: Because it’s where you hang out, so it helps small business like us reach you.
  12. Computer Systems: Saving everybody time and giving you control of your schedule and payments.
  13. Utilities: Keeping rooms comfortably cool (or warm) in Texas. And high-speed internet for everyone!
  14. Calculators: If your kid forgets theirs on a busy day.
  15. Pens, Pencils, Whiteboard materials: Because we believe visuals are critical to learning.

To tell the truth, this still leaves a lot of our tutoring expenses unmentioned:

Our tutors can frequently be spotted working overtime, or unbilled hours, to perfect their methods and their delivery.

Sometimes we show up with new snacks, other times new furnishings for the office to make it more homey and comfortable. We’re also looking into new-media options we can bring into the classroom!

We’re adding features and new content all the time. It’s important to us to be part of a fun and innovative company that’s got a new spin on the old subject of SAT and ACT prep.

We take test prep very seriously at Love the SAT! while still managing to have fun (for example, this “dry” business-expense stuff comes to life for me, because I love entrepreneurship!)

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