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Most students hate writing essays and rejoice in the fact that the SAT and ACT essay tests are now “optional.” However, it’s highly unlikely that NONE of the colleges and universities to which they’re applying require or recommend the SAT and ACT essay.

It’s wise to Google the admission policies of specific colleges and universities with respect to the SAT and ACT essay. When you do, you’ll find a pretty even split. About half of colleges and universities require or recommend the SAT and ACT essay, and about half do not. Among the Ivy League colleges, too, this split exists, with Harvard, Princeton, and Yale requiring the essay and others not requiring it.

In this article, I’ve compiled a helpful list of whether or not these colleges and universities in Texas require the SAT or ACT essay. And that’s just Texas!


Texas Colleges and Universities that Require the SAT/ACT Essay

Abilene Christian University - Recommended

Angelo State University - Neither required nor recommended

Art Institute of Houston - Recommended

Austin College - Recommended

Baylor University - Recommended

Dallas Christian College - Recommended

Texas A&M University - Required

Texas State University - Recommended

Texas Tech University - Recommended

Trinity University - Required

University of North Texas - Recommended

University of St. Thomas - Recommended

University of Texas at Austin - Required

University of Texas Dallas - Recommended

University of Texas San Antonio - Recommended

Wayland Baptist University - Recommended

For colleges and universities in Texas NOT on this list, you will need to contact the university or college in question, or check their web site regarding SAT/ACT essay policy.


Why You SHOULD Take the SAT / ACT Essay

The bottom line? If you’re applying to UT or A&M, or you’re applying to many schools, chances are at least 1 of them–and probably many–will require the SAT or ACT essay. We administer the essay to ALL of our practice test students with this fact in mind. And even if none of the colleges and universities you’re applying to require the essay, we think students and parents will agree that teens’ essay skills ALWAYS need sharpening if they’re to be prepared for college-level writing and thinking.

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