When Does the ACT Test Start?

Are you a high school student or parent? Are you wondering “When does the ACT test start?”

Do you want to have a great ACT test day? Are you ready to put all your great ACT prep study and practice to use on official test day?

Typically, the official ACT test starts at 8 AM.

However, always plan on showing up 15 minutes early. You can never predict when there will be bad traffic or a busy sign-in desk.

There always seems to be time-wasting inefficiency as proctors and students find their testing rooms. Don’t count on this, though. If you show up late you might find yourself locked out of the testing center.

“What time does the ACT test start?” can also be a misleading question, because although the actual test doesn’t start till a bit after 8 AM, your brain should be getting started up to an hour before that.

You’ll want to eat a good breakfast, warm up with practice ACT questions, make sure you have your supplies and snack ready, and get to the ACT testing location early enough to avoid any unnecessary stress or panic.


Arrive Early to Avoid Missing the ACT Starting Time.

It’s important to be ready before it’s time for the ACT test to start.

So, on ACT testing day, I like to do three important things:

First, I make sure to eat a good breakfast, specifically focused on feeding my brain for the ACT.

Second, I do a quick 15-minute ACT warm-up at home.

Third, I make sure I arrive at the ACT testing center at least 15 minutes early.

This is the most dependable way to guarantee a low-stress test day. This saves all my spare energy for the ACT test.

Also, the early arrival gives me extra time to find parking, and walk to the test center. If you expect parking (or the entrance to the test) to be easy to find, you may be unpleasantly surprised at the last minute!

When taking the ACT at an unfamiliar high school, it might take you a while to find where you’re supposed to go. My advice? Follow the other students, or ask the closest human where the ACT test is being held that morning.

Don’t forget your required materials for the ACT test: sharp pencils, a photo ID, your admissions ticket, a good calculator with spare batteries, bottled water, a snack, and layered clothes. You’ll be done with the ACT test between 12:30 and 1 PM.


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